White Otter Lake / Turtle River Waterway Park Camping Trips Information

"Take nothing but memories,

Leave nothing but footprints"

There are a few key differences between canoe / camping trips in Quetico Park and canoe / camping trips in the White Otter Wilderness.

Although the White Otter / Turtle River area doesn’t have the same restrictions as Quetico with regard to group size, food packaging etc the rules of minimum impact camping should be followed here as well.

Outboard motors may be used, although most of our groups choose to paddle the area in a traditional canoe.

We can design a motorized canoe trip package into the White Otter for your group.


No pre registration is necessary for entry into the White Otter Wilderness.

Permits required for non-residents of Canada are "Crown Land Camping Permits". We issue these permits at our base.

Restricted Areas

"Green Zones" have been established near access points to the White Otter.

Non – residents of Canada are not permitted to camp overnight in an area designated as a green zone.

Lakes & Waterways that are in a restricted Green Zones include Pekagoning Lake, Grey Trout Lake, Manion Lake, Petit Lake, Clearwater West Lake,Turtle Lake, Crowrock Lake, Dashwa Lake, Eye Lake, Marmion Lake and sections of the Turtle River and Little Turtle River.

Plan your route so that you will pass through these areas during the daytime, and will not have to camp inside them.

Boy Scout Camping In The White Otter Wilderness

With no restrictions on entry, many boy scout groups choose to plan their canoe trip in the White Otter rather than Quetico.

The area offers some excellent scenery & fishing as well as a number of historical artifacts ranging from pictographs. The opportunity for both adventure and wilderness education is great for all especially scouts.

Day Trips into the White Otter

If you’re not quite up to the adventure of a remote wilderness canoe trip into the White Otter, you can still enjoy some White Otter area lakes on daytrips from our camp.

Many of our guests enjoy Eye Lake, the Dashwa / Crowrock / Turtle Lake chain as well as Clearwater West Lake via public boat launches off of Highway 622.

We can also arrange an extremely enjoyable White Otter Lake / White Otter Castle Boat Tour with Soft Wilderness adventures out of Atikokan. You’ll learn history, view wildlife and wonderful scenery and lunch at Jimmy McOuat’s White Otter Castle.

Fly In / Paddle Out Trips in the White Otter Wilderness

As float planes are allowed access into the lakes of the White Otter, most of our Fly In / Paddle Out canoe trips take place in this area.

Adding the adventure of being dropped off by a De Havilland Beaver in the middle of the Canadian wilderness on a beautiful northern lake is a great way to start a great adventure.

Flying into the "Castle" on White Otter Lake is a great way to start your Turtle River trip while missing some of the big water on White Otter & Clearwater West Lakes.

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